WA Covid-19 Vaccinations



  • This dashboard is created from data from the the WA Govt Covid-9 Vaccine Dashboard
  • This source is only updated on weekdays (Monday - Friday). Also excludes any public holidays
  • Raw data extracted can be found on Github
  • Population data is from ABS Regional population by age and sex 2020 (updated to 2020 version late Sept 2021)
  • Please note the above from the ABS are estimates and any percent of the population should be regarded as a close guide and not an absolute
  • While every effort has gone to ensure the calculations are correct, I make no guarantees that there are no mistakes
  • Data is subject to corrections
  • Data includes all doses provided for WA residents irrespective of the provider (i.e. includes all WA Health state run clinics, GP's and Aged Care)
  • Any questions contact me on Twitter